Your slogan here presented Hybrid Blockchain and XDC Dev Environment at Nanyang Blockchain Association

Singapore based Blockchain Technology Company, XinFin ( attended "Blockchain and Businesses Event" organized by Nanyang Blockchain Association on 27 March 2018. Karan Bharadwaj, the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at XinFin, was one of the guest speakers at this event.
XinFin offers enterprise-ready use cases for the international trade and finance industry. XinFin's Hybrid blockchain technology is a fork of Ethereum and Quorum and combines the qualities of both private and public state. During the event, Karan shared his views on the future of Blockchain Technology and shared his experience in blockchain industry.
Some interesting questions explored during the event include:
What is bitcoin blockchain? How does blockchain technology work? How is ethereum private network different from bitcoin shared databases?
What are private blockchain use cases and how can XinFin’s hybrid blockchain technology be implemented to create enterprise use cases? What are the applications of blockchain technology?
Karan also explained the next-gen enterprise platform to the audience along with XinFin's XDC Protocol and Hybrid Technology. He discussed few important case studies from existing POCs of XinFin. XinFin’s XDC utility token facilitates global and domestic transactions to support blockchain enterprise use cases across various industries through tokenized as well as non-tokenized applications.
XinFin has received high trading volume on chief exchanges such as Bancor, Alphaex, KoinOK, Forkdelta & Etherflyer. The company is working with some of the famous names in blockchain area who have also joined XinFin's advisory board such as Mate Tokay, Roger Ver and Jason Butcher.
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