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Have you been charged with Domestic Assault or Domestic Violence in Ontario and looking for no cost Domestic Violence Lawyer advice?
These are very serious charges and both courts and police prosecute these types of charges to the fullest extent.
These types of crimes have many victims. Not just the person who is getting abused but other family members are also victims either directly or indirectly. This is one of the main reasons why the courts and police are ensuring that these types of cases are fully investigated and prosecuted.
Richmond Hill Affordable Lawyer Plug is committed to working with family to resolve issues and bring family back together in a healthy safe way that will ensure no problems like this arise in the future.
Being convicted of a domestic assault in Ontario will have major consequences including loosing your job, custody of your children and the ability to travel freely to name just a few.
Once employment is lost it usually has victims that include children and other family members. Michael McKee understands this and takes every step possible to help anyone who contacts our office and needs help.
We accept Legal Aid and payment plans. Our flat rates are affordable and our goal is to help our clients regardless of there financial situation. Contact us today if you have any questions about your charges.
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