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The Camel's Back

The Camel's Back -
Three people, each at their own breaking point, collide. The resulting impact will forever change their lives ... if they can manage to survive it.
Declan Enright, a former police officer fired over a controversial shooting, has reached a breaking point in his life. Nicholas Lawrence, an accomplished investigator with the FBI, voluntarily takes a reassignment from his human trafficking unit. His decision is alleviated by the support of his partner, Isabella Martinez.
Khaled, a man who suffered an unimaginable loss several years back, makes the decision to leave his small village set in the foothills of Iraq's Cheekha Dar Mountain. Khaled's concept of closure is wrought with devastating consequences, plunging the country into a state of fear.
The best chance at thwarting this threat rests in the unlikely alliance formed between Declan, Nick and Isabella.
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