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Absinthe: How to drink it the traditional way | Alandia

Classic French Absinthe Ritual -The traditional way of drinking Absinthe ★Do not burn the Green Fairy ✓Serve it with an Absinthe glass, spoon, sugar and water ✓Drink Absinthe the original way!

To serve the Green Fairy the traditional way, you need an original Absinthe (not artificially colored, made with wormwood), an Absinthe glass, an Absinthe spoon, one sugar cube and ice cold water. The spoon is placed with a sugar cube on the rim of the glass. Then ice cold water is slowly added. As soon as the green liquor gets in contact with the water the Green Fairy begins to change its color into an opalescent white. This magical Absinthe effect is called the "Louche". A recommended ratio of Absinthe and water is 1:3 parts. Enjoy and always remember, you never burn Absinthe! Fire and high-proof liquor is dangerous and destroys as well the complex flavors of this fine herbal spirit. 

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