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Causes Skin Tags - Get rid of the causes of Skin Tags

This is the Story of Adam and how skin tags ruined his Athletic Training.
He starts to feel a sharp irritation on his neck. His performance is getting disrupted by this.
Skin tags are commonly caused by obesity or diabetese, but can also be caused by something rubbing against the skin for prolonged periods.
He consults a friend of his who works as a dermatologist. The doctor prescribes a skin treatment cream to remove skin tags. 
He finds the treatment very manageable, simple and painless. Within a week, he starts noticing the improvement.
After a few days, the scabs start falling off without any skin irritation, and he is very pleased that the treatment has left no marks and scars.
He feels no more soreness or sensitivity while exercising, now.
All thanks to this skin treatment and its quick effects.
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