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Why bodybuilding and video games and dairy can cause balding and hair loss - Discover which foods and eating habits are actually causing your body to generate EVEN MORE DHT - and accelerating your hair loss. - Get the simple steps to restore your body¡¯s hormonal imbalance that is causing your baldness in the first place. - True fact: Body Fat can affect your hair loss... but it¡¯s probably not how you think. - Put the ¡°STOP and GROW¡± 2-step process to work for you and learn how to stop existing hair loss and start growing new hairs. Learn more at - The secret behind why bodybuilders are more likely to lose their hair and how you can avoid this harmful routine - Uncover the facts behind scalp care... what you should be doing and what you should always avoid. - Learn about which exercises and fitness routines can prevent the creation of DHT and stop it before it ever reaches your scalp. - Discover the ground-breaking results on how smoking and alcohol can affect your hair loss - Find out which video games ¨C yes, video games ¨C can actually increase your DHT levels and speed up your hair loss. - Can meat and dairy affect your DHT levels? It can! - Uncover 18 recipes for a non-DHT diet. Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. - Uncover the truth about Saw Palmetto Learn more at
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