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Practice as many mock CPC exam questions as you can in order to pass the CPC Exam Hi, Jane here... I've finally passed my CPC exam on my second try and would like to share some tips with you... I found that the questions at the end of the CPC test paper seemed shorter and simpler, therefore starting from back to front may also be a good strategy for you. Also, timing is crucial. I failed the first time partly because I did not have enough time to finish the paper, as I did not manage my time properly during the CPC exam. Try and limit yourself to 2 minutes per question, skip and mark those that you are unsure of so you can get back to them later. The passing mark for the CPC exam is 70%. As the CPC exam is an open book exam, take advantage of this! Make notes and highlight your coding books to make it faster to search for the codes. You are allowed to have handwritten notes, highlights, and colorful tabs to mark the pages, but you can't have any loose papers in your books. Get sample CPC exam mock questions at I also highly recommend practicing CPC mock exam questions or past year CPC test papers. You'd be surprised how similar some of the questions are. This really helped me alot and gave me confidence when I sat for the CPC exam the second time round. Lastly, master your terminology and anatomy, CPT and ICD-9 Guidelines. I did encounter many questions based on it, and these questions tend to be quite straight forward and easy to score. That's all for now, I'll be adding more tips on how to pass the CPC exam at . I'd like to wish all my fellow medical coders out there all the best and have a great day ahead!
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