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How to EQ Vocals Like a Pro (5 Fast & Easy Tricks) | - Mix School #2

Pro mixer reveals vocal mixing secrets (free ebook):

After applying these 5 simple steps, your vocals will sound clean and professional.

Recording and equalizing vocals in a home studio isn’t easy.

A lot of people go over the top when they EQ vocals.

The key is to keep it subtle.

The human voice is something that we hear every day. We know how it should sound.

As soon as you become heavy handed with an equalizer, vocals start to sound unnatural and weird.

You have to approach vocal processing with care, and in this video I will show you how to EQ vocals the right way.

The Mix Starts in the Recording Phase

Decide on the sound and tone that you want to achieve before you start recording.

Want a warmer sound? Use a dynamic microphone and get close (2-5 inches).

Want a clear, open sound? Use a large diaphragm condenser and take a step back (5-10 inches).

You can’t change the tone of a vocal recording in the mixing phase.

The sound of the vocal is decided when you record it!

So make sure you spend plenty of time on mic choice, room choice, mic setup and room treatment.

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