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Today Revealed Conducted by Dr Edward L Mills (IME Exam) Independent Medical Examination

- claim that many workers are less disabled than they are or that they are not disabled at all; and
- raise issues contradicting workers' claims that their injuries and illnesses are a result of work.
Dr Edward L Mills is a joke! He wrote things in a report that are not true. He doesn't think of what can happen when he lies like he does. He hurts people like me.
l don't think a doctor who hurts people should be free! He should be responsible for his actions. Not in a hospital or office to hurt more people financially or physically. 
That's my experience with him. He only checked my back, none of my other injuries must count for him.Neck surgery and head injuries must be o.k. to him.He thinks I should be back to work.) think he needs a new job. 
This guy is a no-fault insurance doctor who relies on his income by writing up false medical reports. He earns approx $250K a year just from the IM E's he performs for insurance companies. 
That doesn't include his own practice. He's a quack. And his license should be taken away, but unfortunately, the law protects this guy from being accountable for medical malpractice and misdiagnoses.
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