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The 4 Herbs and Remedies to stop sweating excessively for hyperhidrosis sufferers

Hyperhidrosis - Which herbs help regulate your bodily sweating patterns, and reduce excessive sweating?

White Peony Root -- aids in the loss of sweating, balances your body 

Oats -- relieve stress if you are sweating due to stress or anxiety

Sage -- since sage is such an all rounder when it comes to sweating and preventing or minimizing it, I have dedicated a separate section all by itself to sage, which comes after the ¡°Herbal Teas¡± section. 

Astragalus -- reduces sweating, balances the body¡¯s sweat actions appropriately

Nettle -- provides relief for your body from overheating

Hops -- soothes

Peppermint -- gives your body a cooling effect

Fennel -- aids liver function

Motherwort -- relaxes and soothes

Sarsaparilla -- good for hot flashes

Licorice Root -- good for hot flashes

Milk Thistle -- improves the functioning of the liver

Red Raspberry -- good for hot flashes, also cools the body

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