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Best Divorce Attorney Pensacola, FL | Collaborative Lawyer ( 850) 450-1755 The Best Divorce Attorney specializing in Collaborative Law in Pensacola, FL. is certainly Mary G. McDaniel.
Mary specializes in providing legal divorce settlement services to clients in and around the Pensacola, FL area using the principles of Collaborative Law. Collaborative Law provides a marriage dissolution process by which both parties to the divorce “Collaborate” to reach an amicable agreement on the most contentious issues like money, property and children during the process. When both parties agree that a divorce is in the best interest of everyone involved, the process can be much faster and considerably less expensive than a long and drawn out divorce where the parties are more combative. Florida Divorce Law is administered by the Florida Divorce Courts, but it can still be a very smooth and inexpensive process when the right Divorce Lawyer prepares the paperwork and filings in a collaborative Law manner.
If you have come to the conclusion that you are headed for a divorce, you really should consult an experienced Divorce Attorney and if you think you and your spouse are somewhere close to being on the same page, you should especially consider a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer like Mary G. McDaniel. Consulting with a divorce lawyer BEFORE you tell your spouse you want a divorce is almost always the best decision. There are many things that you can do to properly prepare for the moment you address the situation with your spouse that you probably have not thought about which can make the process go much more smoothly with as little trauma as possible. It’s always difficult to predict how your spouse or children or even your extended family will react when you announce that you want a divorce, so seeking professional guidance beforehand is always the best way to go about starting your divorce process. A Collaborative divorce approach with a qualified Divorce Attorney can make the entire process much faster and less expensive than traditional divorce processes.
Contact Mary today for your initial consultation by a Pensacola Divorce Attorney who specializes in Collaborative Law Divorces. 
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