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Dr. Picardi South Dakota Video Montage

Dr. Picardi is a caring and compassionate surgeon who upholds strong Christian values of the sanctity of life for both the unborn and the elderly. He has been willing to fight and suffer for the unborn, the elderly and his patients with high level politicians. He has a very strong surgical training background. Many consider him a true patriot and he honorably served our Nation in the military for 13 years. Dr. Picardi left the military after the completion of Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
His undergraduate training earned him a Bachelor of Science Degree in BioEngineering at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Picardi believes his BioEngineering training was a critical component in becoming a high quality surgeon. 
He is a dedicated husband and deeply loves his wife Sandy who is a registered nurse. He met Sandy while in his training in Dayton, Ohio. She is his best friend, companion and hunting buddy. They both have strong beliefs in the 2nd Amendment and are avid sportsmen. Sandy is a twice breast cancer survivor. When she first became ill Dr. Picardi left his successful group practice to make Sandy the center of his life. 
Although not a businessman Dr. Picardi, together with his lovely wife, ran his solo practice for many years. Dr. Picardi’s patients know him to be honest, ethical and highly skilled. Their trust in him has been shown by patient’s willingness to refer loved ones such as spouses and children to Dr. Picardi whenever a surgeon was needed to care for them. No matter what time of day or night Dr. Picardi has always been willing to help patients and other colleagues in need. Because of his efforts Dr. Picardi is highly acclaimed and awarded amongst his peers.
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