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Hip Hop Music artist and producer Mike Wavy of Bradenton, FL. - brings another chilling and rhythmic beat to his new hip hop track, CLAP BACK.,_Florida

Hip-hop music is the vehicle involving hip-hop culture and contains "rapping" (superimposed with vocals) by means of emcees. Owing to this, hip-hop music is sometimes referred to as "rap music, " However , people that dismiss hip-hop as gangster rap music do not comprehend their rich history and the have an effect on this genre of new music has on youth culture.

Hip-hop music is a vehicle as used by the singers to address racism, oppression, and poverty difficulties. It narrates tales connected with inner city African-Americans dwelling the American dream (through hard work, courage and conviction one can achieve prosperity) above the bottom up, and bitterly adornment upon racial discrimination, cracked homes, and overcoming misfortune.

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Hip Hop Music Bradenton, FL

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