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Laser Spine Surgery in Mesa, AZ for those who suffer chronic back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, bulging discs, lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, compression fractures and who are currently searching for a solution that may include Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery from a board certified physician.  Laser Spinal Surgery is considerably different from Spinal fusion surgery and in most cases is a quick outpatient surgery to help chronic back pain and other painful conditions related to the spine, sciatica, vertebrae or spinal column.
Laser Spine Surgery by Renew Spinal Care is available in Mesa, AZ and surrounding areas through a new state of the art minimally invasive spinal surgery center in downtown Mesa, AZ.  Many chronic back pain treatments traditionally available in the Mesa area have been provided by chiropractic offices by chiropractors who use skeletal manipulation to treat and manage the pain instead of a back surgery procedure that actually corrects the problems that cause the most common types of back and spine pain.
Many people may think the cost of laser spine surgery in the Mesa, Arizona area is expensive, but when put into perspective against lifelong back, muscle and spine pain, the costs associated with this minimally invasive spinal surgery is very reasonable.  The outpatient procedure performed by board certified physicians leaves minimal scaring and most spinal surgery patients are able to walk out of the facility under their own power and are back to normal activities soon after the laser back surgery.
The only way to find out if laser spine surgery is for you is to contact us at our Mesa, AZ laser surgery center and request a free consultation as soon as possible.  Call us today at the number above or fill out the contact form on our website and we will schedule a free evaluation to help determine if laser spine surgery is a good option to cure your chronic back pain.
Renew Spinal Care
4838 E. Baseline Rd. Suite 105-A
(480) 567-9746
Mesa, AZ. 85206
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