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Anytune: Live Backing Track Player with Remote Control – How to use Tracks for Band, Guitar, Singers

How to use backing tracks with Anytune as an "interactive backing track player" live on stage for solo or band performances. Gail shows us how, in this video. She hooks up her iRig BlueBoard and customizes backing tracks in real-time, no hands!
She can now play to the crowd, repeating a chorus, extending a solo, freely controlling her backing-track-arrangements on stage.
Take your live performance, transcription or practice session to another level.

Use PlayNext to tell Anytune where to play when the current section of the song completes. Rearrange your song with a tap of your toe.
The Remote Control add-on now let's you control Anytune from any MIDI device, Bluetooth keyboard, the AirTurn pedal or PageFlip Cicada. "

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