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Accutane Journey - Before and After

I had taken Accutane in 2011 through a Dermatologist so I already knew what to expect from the drugs at
Accutane works best when given at a dose of 1mg/kg per day for at least 20 weeks. Tour total dose for the duration of your treatment should be at least 8400 mg. if you stay at 40 mg per day you will need to stay on the medication for at least 30 weeks. If you tolerate 60 mg per day then you will be finished sooner. Your doctor can calculate your total dose to see how much longer you need. Its ok to go over the dose but don't undertreat. A recent study showed lower daily dose for a longer time are effective as well but again you can't stop after 20 weeks. If you do decide to up the dose to 60 mg, it is easier to take 1 pill (40 mg) on odd days and two pills on the even days for an average of 60 mg per day. Otherwise you have to buy two different sized pills as it only comes in 40 and 20 mg sizes. Best to you, and remember err on the side of more treatment, not less.

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